No More Dinner and a Movie Dates Please: Creative V-Day Date Ideas


Am I the only one who thinks that dinner and movie dates are super played out? Dating and relationships should always be fun and creative, especially during Valentine’s Day. Why not show your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse that you can be creative? Here’s a list of ideas that’ll make your woman or man’s day:

1. Go on a picnic

Most cities and towns have plenty of green space and parks! If the weather permits pack some fruit, sandwiches/subs, or even grab a pizza and enjoy the greenery and fresh air. Pack some bottled water or grab a bottle of wine or juice cocktail! Don't forget the wine glasses! 

2. Paint and Sip

Many cities have art studios that offer private paint and sip classes. Painting canvases and sipping wine, this date idea is a fun and intimate way to interact with each other and also discover a possible hidden talent. 

3. Cook together 

Save money, find a challenging recipe online, and try cooking it together instead of going to dinner. Another cute idea is to make it a competition, like the Food Network tv show Chopped theme and use whatever you already have in the fridge. You can even make a dessert afterward. This is a cute, fun, and interactive "date" idea you would've never thought of. 

4. Groupon Dates

There are so many Valentine's Day deals on Groupon. From ice skating for only $18 to helicopter rides for $129, there is something to do for every budget.

5. Book a couple's photo-shoot

Arrange a fun and creative photo-shoot for the two of you and create memories. 

6. If you're so set on going to a restaurant, Go to Brunch.

I am the brunch queen, okay! I will take a brunch date over dinner anyday. 

Did you enjoy this article? Do you think dinner and a movie dates are played out? Comment below and share your thoughts!