Relationship Blog: Stunting Your Growth

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. Moving on from toxic situations is never easy, but if you love yourself you can do it. Often we find ourselves holding on to situations that God is trying to remove from our life because we become too comfortable. We know deep down inside that toxic relationships are causing us pain and it disrupts our peace, but why do we continue to deal with it?

In the past, I was terrified of being alone. Not even so much in the sense that I was terrified of being single, but I felt like my relationship was the only thing that was consistent in my life. I didn’t have much of a social life at school and I was so unhappy in my relationship, but at least I still had someone I could talk to every day. It got to the point where I was constantly making up excuses for his behavior to convince myself AND others that being with him was the smartest choice. I gave him chance after chance to reach his fullest potential.

You think you’re in love, in which you might be. But are you really in love or are you in love with their potential? When you get to know someone and become interested, you start to pay attention to everything. You pay attention to their best features, their personalities, and even their physical flaws. You begin to see the potential in that person instead of what they truly have to offer. You can see the potential in someone all you want, but if they don’t possess the ability to see the potential in themselves or reach that potential, why even waste your time?

Looking for Closure

So then you finally realize things aren’t going to work and now you’re in the stage where you’re trying to move on, but it’s beyond difficult. You look for things to fill that empty void. Adapting to a change in your life is truly a challenge. During this time, you begin to look for closure. People truly believe that you cannot move on without closure. I disagree. Looking for closure is stunting your growth. A lot of times breakups have no meaning and two people just grow apart. Why focus on looking for closure when you can focus on self-growth? Basing for entire recovery on wanting closure is the recipe for self-harm. Train your mind to be stronger than your emotions. Waiting on an apology or closure, you will miss out on your healing.

I hope this helped! Thank you for reading!! I love yall fr!

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