Is Birth Control Worth It?


So for the longest, I was anti-birth control. I had met plenty of women who were on birth control and it worked for them, but also had heard tons of horror stories. These stories included making the woman infertile, excruciating breast pain, and the list goes on. My birth control journey has had some ups and downs. Two of the symptoms that I experienced was spotting and breast pain. The spotting annoyed me, but the breast pain almost became unbearable! I would literally wake up and it would feel as if hundreds of needles were stabbing me in the breast. These symptoms lasted for about a month. Another negative is that I now have longer periods.


So you read this far along, you may be wondering what form of birth control am I using? I am on the patch. Would I recommend it? Yes and no. Why? Because you have to know what work’s best for your body. Luckily, I haven’t experienced acne or weight gain or any other deal-breaking symptoms! I must say that compared to other women I know, I have had one of the better experiences with BC, but it is still an adjustment!


The patch has been both easy and difficult. I sometimes forget to change it at the right time (you have to change the patch once a week, with one off-week a month to have your period). I have had the patch fall off and I had to replace it. All of these can alter the effectiveness of birth control. This is important to keep in mind when choosing the best contraceptive for you.

Funny story: I decided to place the birth control on my butt cheek for the week. My friends wanted to go to the pool so I had to switch my patch and place it in a non-revealing spot. Boy was that a MISTAKE! I was literally on my period for two weeks long just because I moved my patch. Never again! lol

As far as the effectiveness of it preventing pregnancy, I cannot say. I haven’t had the experience of using it as a form of contraceptive. I strictly got on it to help with my cramps (which it has tremendously). There are many forms of BC some include the IUD, pill, shot, implant, etc. It is best to speak with your physician on what method is best for you. So ladies, how has birth control been for you all? Your experience can help others decide what is right for them. Discuss below!

Thanks for reading!

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