Why Your Hair Isn't Growing

Are you trying to grow your hair longer, but feel like you’re at a standstill? I experienced this during my big chop in November 2017. There was so much I learned about my hair that I didn’t know. So many of us big chop, transition, or just want to thicken our hair and feel as if we have tried everything, but nothing seems to work. If this is you, keep reading to find out on how I grew my hair out!



Many of my friends who talk to me about their hair looks confused when I mention hair porosity. If you figure out your hair porosity, you will be able to figure out a routine that works for your hair.

Tip: Test your hair porosity 2x a year as it may change with growth!

Use the images to figure out your hair type and porosity.


The things is….your hair has to stay moisturized in order to grow. Keep reading for more tips:

  1. Using sulfate-free products is a must, because sulfates will strip your hair of it’s natural oils.

  2. Getting a trim when necessary is important to prevent split ends.

  3. Establish a wash day routine:

    - My wash day routine: Prepoo overnight for 6-12 hours, rinse, shampoo, deep condition for 30 minutes using heat, rinse. Follow with leave-in conditioner/moisturizer.

  4. Moisturize hair daily. (Water is the best moisturizer, I spray my hair daily)

  5. No heat other than when deep conditioning.


  7. Circulation: Give yourself scalp massages using oils to stimulate blood flow to the scalp.

  8. Always use a satin bonnet or pillowcase.

  9. Avoid using rubberbands, use soft scrunchies instead.

  10. Take biotin (be careful, it causes hair to grow EVERYWHERE and don’t take this unless you plan to increase your water intake)

  11. Avoid chemical treatments, relaxers, and perms.

  12. Patience is key.

  13. Consistency is a MUST.

Find products that work for your hair and establish a consistent routine and I promise that you will see growth.

Currently, my favorite brand of hair products can be found at OrganiGrowHairCo. They have hair product bundles for all 3 porosity types. The one I use is the low porosity diamond bundle.

Protective styles are great but can also be damaging. My favorite protective style is wigs with cornrows. I spray my cornrows daily before applying my wig for extra moisture. Be careful with who you allow to do your hair, because they may not have your best interest. Some stylist can be very heavy handed on your hair causing tension. Gentle touch is the best for hair growth. Also, finger detangling and brushing hair from the bottom to the root is best.


Tip: Add fermented rice water to deep conditioner.

Be careful to not over saturate your hair and scalp with oils as it can cause dandruff and build-up.

Here’s a picture of my hair in a puff post-big chop. I chopped ALL of my hair off in November 2017 and this is my hair as of March 2019. My hair definitely would have had more growth if I knew the tips that I knew now.

More tips are soon to come! Comment below any tips you may have that I left out! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share!